Mind Flay

Welp, it looks like my grandfather, the Bishop, is about to pass.

Don't know exactly how I feel right now. Last time I saw him was when my dad died and he was getting pretty up there.

He's in a hospice right now (that carries his name, BTW), withering away from mouth cancer and probably won't last the week. He's barely coherent and, if he is conscious, probably won't recognize me. I'm debating going up there: I'd rather not remember the last image of him as a flesh-clothed skeleton with a rotting mouth and there's likely nothing I could do that would make him feel better. I don't even think I'll be able to see in time if I could.
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Brock Samson

I just found a new word

Cruster - a privileged rich kid who, through some inspiration the beat poets, adopts the hobo lifestyle. Crusters wear clothing what a homeless person may wear: untucked ratty shirts, unwashed jean shorts, and dirty gimmie hats. They may also jump trains, dumpster dive, drink liquor out of a paper bag and keep malnourished dogs to complete the look.
Mind Flay

Sim Japan

Earthquakes, tsunamis, a nuclear incident, now the volcano in Kagoshima erupts?!

What's next, Godzilla? Zombie outbreak? Alien attack?
Mind Flay

Sayonara Tokyo Edit: Sendai

TokyoJapan hit with 8.8 Richter scale earthquake 150km off the coast, at depth of 24 km. Initial tsunami has inundated Tokyo, but the worst damage is farther north at Sendai in Miyagi prefecture. Reports are saying that most of the city was swept away.

Thousands feared dead.

NHK said: Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is in trouble now. The emerging diesel plants to cool Nuclear Reactor stopped.

Also, the turbine room at the Onagawa nuclear plant in Miyagi is on fire.

Tsunami warning for Hawaii and West Coast.
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