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youngfreud [userpic]
I had a dream last night

There was some new edition of R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk. It was hardbound black and green cover, had this weird template for customizing logos and other stuff with and some other cool and relevant but extraneous shit, a detailed map of Night City, but was open campaign, meaning you filled in the world, and it had the best out of v.3 with none of the dumb dollpunk shit that plagued that book. But it was like combined with 2020, in ways I can't fathom. I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort flipping through it's green, black, and white pages. Like an old friend had come back from a long time away. Like, it was saying to me, "I, too, have grown. Let's go out into and explore this dark future together."

Then I woke up.


Dollpunk? When I flipped through a store copy of v3, it looked pretty much identical to 2020 except with new mechanics. I admit that I didn't pay massive attention to it, though.

I've still got my 2020 rulebook somewhere. I should still have the notebook of changes that I made to the 2020 rules as well. I ended up making a bit of combat changes, building my own martial arts system, putting more detail into the hit location system, tweaking critical success and multiple actions, creating multiclass rules, expanded cybernetics, and all sorts of other stuff. I was working on a new drug system, because the one in the book was pretty lousy. I gave up on making a working netrunning system though. Because of the time differences, I never could come up with a design that didn't bring the rest of the game to a screeching halt.

I also blew up Night City the moment my players figured out how to create characters that I felt were worth letting live through a session. (Skill-based systems make it fairly easy for a GM to deal with min-maxers, as there are so many theoretically useful skills that such a player will sacrifice in order to build their combat aptitudes. After a few ugly deaths and near misses, they learned that they should at least make a token effort towards making a character that could function outside of a firefight.)

I know exactly what you are talking about...

sadly, our names are both in the playtesting credits for dollpunk.