youngfreud (youngfreud) wrote,

I had a dream last night

There was some new edition of R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk. It was hardbound black and green cover, had this weird template for customizing logos and other stuff with and some other cool and relevant but extraneous shit, a detailed map of Night City, but was open campaign, meaning you filled in the world, and it had the best out of v.3 with none of the dumb dollpunk shit that plagued that book. But it was like combined with 2020, in ways I can't fathom. I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort flipping through it's green, black, and white pages. Like an old friend had come back from a long time away. Like, it was saying to me, "I, too, have grown. Let's go out into and explore this dark future together."

Then I woke up.
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