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youngfreud [userpic]
OH GOD, someone talk me out of this

I suddenly have a need for this.

I know what this is, what the context is, and realize it's worth far more than it's being listed for. I have no legitimate use for it and, even how cheap it's listed at, I don't have the money to be throwing up for something like this.

But, goddamn, Quadguard Class IIIA extremity armor for under fifty bucks! (currently)

Holy shit!


Ah hell, everybody needs a Kevlar suit! I can't bring myself to talk you out of it.

I would say that I'm not a good voice of reason, as I've wasted more money on things I've needed less. But that was earlier today, with no bids and a price of $14. Now it is up to $20.50, which means there are at least two people who are trying to pick it up cheap. With four days left, it has time to climb further. On top of that, you have a $20 shipping fee.

With shipping, there is a good chance it won't be under $50 by the end.

The best thing I can say is to go with what you know. You don't need it and you don't have $40+ to burn on something you don't really have a use for. Just bite the bullet and accept it. I'm something of an impulse buyer, and have both succeeded and failed at stopping myself for blowing larger amounts of money for stuff that in the end was about as useful to me as that probably would be to you. Some I regret (both buying and not buying), some I don't. But it is generally better to have erred on the side of saving money, unless it really means something to you.

You can try thinking about other things you could use that money on and get more use and/or entertainment from, but whether that approach works depends on your personality. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't.


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