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youngfreud [userpic]
Sayonara Tokyo Edit: Sendai

TokyoJapan hit with 8.8 Richter scale earthquake 150km off the coast, at depth of 24 km. Initial tsunami has inundated Tokyo, but the worst damage is farther north at Sendai in Miyagi prefecture. Reports are saying that most of the city was swept away.

Thousands feared dead.

NHK said: Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is in trouble now. The emerging diesel plants to cool Nuclear Reactor stopped.

Also, the turbine room at the Onagawa nuclear plant in Miyagi is on fire.

Tsunami warning for Hawaii and West Coast.

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Crap on toast

Hey Avery - I sent you an invite

Go here for the flyer
Admission $5.
Antique Science & Retro-Tech Swap Meet

Re: Crap on toast

Maybe. I got limited funds right now until I get the refund from my insurance company.