A Rush and a push and the Land is ours

I had a dream last night

There was some new edition of R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk. It was hardbound black and green cover, had this weird template for customizing logos and other stuff with and some other cool and relevant but extraneous shit, a detailed map of Night City, but was open campaign, meaning you filled in the world, and it had the best out of v.3 with none of the dumb dollpunk shit that plagued that book. But it was like combined with 2020, in ways I can't fathom. I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort flipping through it's green, black, and white pages. Like an old friend had come back from a long time away. Like, it was saying to me, "I, too, have grown. Let's go out into and explore this dark future together."

Then I woke up.
Mind Flay


Went in for my root canal today. I'm in so much pain right now, but at least my front teeth look decent now. The actual procedure didn't have any pain, it just felt weird, such as the point where they drilled through my teeth and flossed out the inside of my teeth.

Also, want to apologize for Ed and Danno for not showing up at the BBQ. I ended up taking a nap and sleeping all the way 'til midnight.
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Awesome, Obama


I got a B in one of the toughest classes in the UTA Arts program. I got a C in the other one (Typography), but I got a B in Layout in an accelerated semester.
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Awesome, Obama

Welp, almost over.

Still have a test, but everything is over and done with.

Paper got finished Sunday, along with the Cream print. The film got edited together Wednesday and presented Thursday. Today, I burned a bunch of DVDs with my student films then wiped my hard drive (which had unfortunately had to be formatted for Mac-only to work on the lab computers).

BTW, I've got a separate disc for the Anime Hell doc for you, Danno.

Now, fuck, I don't know what to do. I don't know if the gaming group I got together is going to be available during the break.
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Gettin' shit done!

My Mister Cream print is out of the way.

Tasks remaining:
Research paper - half finished - due Monday
Student film - 2/3 footage filmed and extracted - due Thursday
Art History exam - Wednesday