Probably will be needing to make a movie or two

Taking Intro to Film/Video this semester and part of the course is producing three films: 3 minute or so character-driven short, a 3 minute documentary, and 5+ minute final project. I will likely need locations, actors, and the like, especially if I produce my own projects by myself (unlikely).

So, if anyone wants to be in a movie or has a great place to film, let me know.
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I've come to the sudden realization that "Ginger" is a British codeword for "Irish", "Scottish", and/or "Welsh".

Afterall, what is the traditional hair color of the Celtic peoples?
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Out of school for the semester. Also, need money.

I just got through my first whole semester without a job, and will likely get 2 As and 2 Bs. Unfortunately, I'm short on cash until mid-January and it seems that there's a dearth of temp jobs right now. I don't need anything long term, maybe one month or two at the longest.

If any of you guys in Texas know of anything, it would be real helpful. I'd rather not pawn a whole bunch of stuff, since I'll just owe more later.

Also, if you know anyone who wants to buy a rifle, I'm willing to sell my SKS and my Arisaka. And before you ask, the Arisaka is mumless and the rear sight and the stock has been changed.
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The coast is clear

Okay, I can finally let you guys know what happened.

My uncle had contacted the consulate and they pressured the company to start processing him out. However, they continue to delay him, forcing him to repeatedly call the consulate.

Around the same time, my cousin in San Antonio managed to get ahold of someone at the NBC affiliate there Sunday. The affiliate about jumped on this story from the get-go. That's when I closed my threads and edited myself here.

Monday, after an editorial meeting, they went ahead and interviewed her (and there was a possibility me and my aunt could have as well) with the information I forwarded to her. The story was broadcast on WOAI in San Antonio that night.

Tuesday, the story is repeated on the Today show. In Saudi Arabia, the story is shown over there on [b]their[/b] news, which, in order to avoid further embarrassment, the company quickly processes my uncle, much earlier than expected. My uncle flew in Wednesday and was back home by Tuesday.

I'd like to thank all those who read this and whatever they did.
Mind Flay

My uncle's e-mail to the American Consulate

We won't hear anything until 5am-6am tomorrow. My mother had contacted the Embassy this morning and jumped to conclusions about the time. Hopefully, this will be cleared up tomorrow.

Eduardo Hernandez's email
I came to work in saudi arabia on Oct.16,2008.was working in Dhahran for Al Salam Aircraft co. .Submitted my 90 day resignation on Aug.1,2009 as per contract.Final day would be Oct.31,2009.Was told to write and sign a new resignation letter by the head of HR Abdull Aziz Nahiran. The new letter stated I resigned on Aug 31,2009 They have my passport and took my iguma on Sept 1st,2009 They stopped paying me and have made no attempt to get me out of the country.I contacted the program manager Ronald Barber a couple of weeks ago .Let him know I was still here and wanted to get processed out.He informed me that he was very busy,but would look into it.Never heard from him again.I am being held here against my will and would like to leave this country.I would also like to press criminal charges against Al Salam aircraft co. and Ron Barber since he is the one that had HR redo my resignation and has the power to have gotten me out of the country a month ago.
Contact info: Al Salam Aircraft co. phone # 220-3966 / Program manager Ronald Barber phone# 220-3966 ext.710
Your help would be greatly appreciated. Eduardo Hernandez US citizen, passport # xxxxxxxxx
Brock Samson

The information about my uncle from my aunt.

My uncle has an appointment with the State Department today, so it might be cleared up. However, my mother called me today distraught and asking me to receive the information my uncle sent my aunt. Here is the particulars, with my aunt's phone number being redacted.

Aunt Billie's Forward
I have a brother a marine veteran being held in saudi arabia against his Al Salam Aircraft Co.A saudi co. that hired him to work in Riaydh ,Saudi Arabia in oct.08.He resigned Aug 09.They took his passport and iguma (work visa).He is being held in Jadewel compound in Riaydh.They wont let him leave and wont say why they are holdin him.The company is Al Salam Aircraft Co. The program is F-15 PDM in Riaydh .The program manager is Ronald Barber phone# 966-1-220-3966 Ext.710 Cell# 966-504-268-312. G.R. manager Mohammed A. Al-Sedrah  phone# 966-1-220-3966 ext.186 cell# 0504209145. Your help would be greatly apreciated Billie Swope phone# XXX-XXX-XXXX

I have the letter my uncle sent the embassy, but it has his passport number, so I'm wondering if I should still post it with that information or leave it blank.
Mind Flay

Not kidding here

I just learned about this from my mother, who had it e-mailed to her from my aunt. Apparently, my uncle, Ed Hernandez, is being held hostage by a Saudi Arabian aircraft company, Al Salam.

"Held hostage" sounds a bit harsh, since they are paying for his hotel room. He resigned from them last month, but they're keeping his passport and work permit and are not giving him a reason they aren't releasing him.
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